Shopping Hints and Tips

Keep a pad handy in the kitchen for listing items that are running low.
Plan tentative menus ahead and use them as a guide when making a shopping list.
Divide your list according to types (Vegetables, Spices, Milk, Medicines etc. etc.) to save you steps when shopping.

List quantities, sizes and brands you require.  

Keep up to date on foods in season when they are usually less expensive and hence good buys.

Keep yourself update with seasonal sale's.

Try to shop when the stores are least crowded.

Buy according to your family's needs and preferences, considering how much money you have to spend and how much storage space you have.

Compare prices of the same food in various forms - fresh, frozen, canned, and dried; and then buy accordingly.

Note the weight on packages because the size may not be a true guide to amount of contents.

Recognize the signs of quality in foods. For example, you avoid wilted, bruised or over-ripe fruits and vegetables.
Buy economical large-size containers when you can use the quantity conveniently. For example purchasing "family packs" you can divide the package into family size meals and freeze for future meals.
Know the store personnel and are courteous to them