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Cooks Reference - India Food Guide

The Cook's Reference provides you with a Dictionary of English to Hindi names of cooking items, useful facts & figures,traditional utensils of Indian kitchen and also about most frequently used cooking terminology.

Time Savings Tips For Cooking Time

Keep your kitchen organized. This will help you to get meals done quicker when everything is in its place and kitchen items are easily accessible.

Clean your kitchen workspace as you go. When you're done there will be little left to clean.

Keep a notepad on the front of the refrigerator for your
shopping list. When you run out of something write it on the list right away.

Onions: Chop, slice and grind them and freeze in labeled freezer bags.

Buy chopped garlic and ginger.

Prepare Chapatti Dough for 3-4 days and put in the fridge.

Wash, Chop and Store vegetables in Ziploc bags after grocery shopping.