Miscellaneous Hints and Tips

To remove ink-stain apply toothpaste on both sides of an ink-stain on cloth. Wash after dry.
Place a candle in a bowl of water to last longer.
A mixture of milk and spirit can be helpful in removing ball pen marks from foam leather.

To get rid off dandruff, apply a mixture of lemon and coconut oil on your scalp for at least 2 hrs (twice a week).
Do not throw away orange's skin (chilka). Dry them and make powder. Add milk or rose water to make a fine paste. Apply on your face for freshness and a glowing skin.
Do not throw away old tooth brush as it can be used for cleaning Jewelry, bottles, metals and corners.
Clean all your Silverware with toothpaste. They will sparkle like they were bought yesterday.
Used tea leaves can be put in plants instead of throwing out. They make excellent natural manure.
Oil stain may be removed by rubbing the area with a piece of lime dipped in salt. Later wash off with soap.
To prevent moisture in salt during monsoons, place a piece of blotting paper on the bottom of the container before pouring salt.
Overnight soaking in liquid household bleach will rid a kitchen sponge of odors and remove any food stains at the same time.
Keep an ongoing grocery list, and jot down items as soon as you begin to run low. If you wait until you are completely out of the item, it could cost you an unplanned trip to the store.
Remove Wax from candleholder - Apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly to ensure easy removal.
For washing dishes, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your soapy water and see the difference it will softens your hands while cutting through grease
Clean combs by dipping them for a while in a solution of washing soda and warm water.
If glasses are stuck together, keep them in the fridge and they will separate easily the next day.
After massaging oil to the hair cover your head with hot and cold water soaked towels alternately for 2-3 times .This way it will soak the oil better at the roots and is more effective and you don't need to wait for 2 or 3 hours for washing.