Starters - Appetizers

Part of the charm of eating an Indian meal is the rich assortment of taste sensations. There are piping hot soups, some fairly fiery and others which are more subtly spiced. On the other side, Salads provide a contrast to hot soups, with its crunchy texture and refreshing ingredients.While, Papads are very light-weight dish. Their crisp crunchiness provides a change of texture in a meal.

  • Appetizers - Papad


    How to cook? Potato Papad, Black Beans Papad
  • Refreshing Indian Salads


    Veggie, Mixed, Rice, Egg, Fruits, Coleslaw, Avacado, Indian Style
  • Hot Indian Soups


    Veggie, Tomato, Spinach, Daal, Lentil, Carrot soups Indian Style
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