Clothing Hints and Tips

Before you alter any dress, iron (Press) it, as wrinkle may have caused flaws.
To keep the buckles of belts bright and shiny, paint it with clear (transparent) nail polish. It will also prevent scratches from the belt.
Make your buttons life longer by dabbing a bit of clear (transparent) nail polish on the thread to strengthen their hold.

You can easily turn a jeans into a skirt. Firstly cut the jeans into desired length, keep 1 or 2-inches to spare. Take the inseams apart, sew together in skirt style and hem.
To remove the deep creases from your pants, sponge white vinegar on the fold. Press the creased area gently with a warm iron into until the vinegar dries.
To remove stains from your shirt's collar, mix baking soda and water into a paste. Scrub the paste gently on the stains using an old tooth brush before washing the shirt.
Always hang your silk clothes on plastic or padded hangers. Metal or wooden hangers leaves small creases or imprints in the garments.
Don't discard old T-shirts as they can make great rags for dusting, polishing and general household cleaning.
The day before an important event, try on your outfit - including undergarments, shoes and jewelry - to make shore everything looks fine. In case of any missing thing or fitting problem, you still have time to mend it.
To ease a tight zipper, rub its teeth with candle wax, soap or petroleum jelly. Wipe off the residue with a tissue.
Leather clothes stored in plastic can dry out and become discolored. To keep the dust off hanging leather clothes, cover them with cloth.
Blood stains in clothing need to be removed as soon as possible. Use cold water and wash out the stain. Hot water will set the blood and it will be difficult or impossible to get out.
To prevent garments from discoloring, soak the garments for 10 minutes in salt water prior to washing. An alternative is to add a few drops of vinegar to the wash cycle.
Soak dirty garments in plenty of water overnight, prior to washing them in machine. Water will remove most of the stains.
Very dirty jogging shoes soak them overnight in water, drain out dirty water and run in the washing machine for a gentle wash using detergent. They will come out very clean
After washing infant clothing, soak them in salt water for 15-20 minutes before drying. Baby odors will vanish.
Place dried neem (Margo) leaves in stored woolen clothes to avoid worms and insects.
To remove grease stains from clothes put some talcum powder over the grease as soon as possible. Keep aside for some time. Wash with soap and water as usual.
To remove mud stains from clothes, soak and wash them in water collected after boiling potatoes.