Marathi aarti
 II  Gujarati Mantras and Stotra Collection II
ગુજરાતી મંત્ર વ સ્ત્રોત્રં સંગ્રહ
Aartis in Marathi

 "Mantras" derived from the Sanskrit 'man', meaning 'to think'. Mantra literally means 'instrument of thought'.  Mantras are hymns, which are believed to benefit that chants them.  Stotra is a hymn of praise. We here present the mantras and stotras of various Dieties in Gujarati text.

Lord Ganesh (ગણેશ)

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Lord Shiva (શિવ)


Marathi prayers

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Kathas Aarti Mantra Shaloka Pooja Chalisa Bhajan