Tulsi Vivah
तुलसी विवाह

Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi is a sacred plant which can be found in almost every Hindu house.Tulsi vivah is celebrated on the day of Karthik Ekadashi.Tulsi vivah is a traditional marriage of the Tulsi plant to the Lord Vishnu.

The Tulsi wedding signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.It is believed that Tulsi is an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, consort of Lord Vishnu. She is often called with the name of "Vishnupriya", literally meaning "the beloved of Vishnu".

Tulsi was married to a demon king Jalandhar. She offered prayers to Lord Vishnu to protect her husband from being harmed by any God.

Several Gods approached Lord Vishnu and requested him to take the form of Jalandhar and live with Tulasi, without letting her know about the truth.

Lord Vishnu agreed to the request and did as told by other Gods. After the death of Vrinda's husband, when truth was known to her, she cursed Lord Vishnu and converted him into a stone, i.e. Shaligram and after that, she collapsed. From her body, came out a tulsi plant. It is due to this reason that Vishnu puja is regarded incomplete without the presence of Tulsi leaves. Since then, every year Tulsi is married to Lord Vishnu and the event is known as Tulasi Shaligram Vivah. It is said that the person who performs the custom of giving away Tulsi to Lord Vishnu, considering her to be his own daughter, is considered to earn the credit of performing kanyadan.

Method of Performing the Tulsi Vivah Puja :

Tulsi pot is painted and decorated as a bride. Four pieces of sugarcane are tied around the Tulsi pot with moli and bright red coloured chunni is draped on the Tulsi plant.

In the afternoon, a full meal consisting of rice, puri, sweet potato kheer, red pumpkin vegetable cooked with pieces of sugarcane, amla and tamarind is offered to Tulsi.

Tulsi Vivah ceremony takes place in the late evening. The Pandit and housewives performs the ceremony. Tulsi Devi takes the sacred phera with Saaligram. The Panditji brings the Saaligraam idol with him. In a basket- saree, blouse, mehendi, kaajal, sindoor, bangles, etc. i.e. suhaag related things are kept. This suhaag pilari is offered to Tulsi Devi and later given to a Brahmini.Various poha dishes are offered to Shri Vishnu. Then Prasad is distributed among family members and friends.

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