Aartis (आरतियाँ)

Aartis are the verses or sonnets (poetic or lyrical), in the introductory or in the form of praise of a God. Here we have provided you with aartis (devotional songs) of various Indian gods and goddesses. Aartis are performed during the puja of these deities.

How to perform Aarti and its importance
आरती कुछ जानकारी


Saptvar (Weekly)Aartis (सप्तवार आरतियाँ)

God Aartis (भगवान आरतियाँ)

Radha-Krishna Aarti

Shree Radha-Krishna Aarti

Satyanarayana Aarti

Shree Satyanarayana Aarti

Goddess Aartis (देवी आरतियाँ)

Shree Laxmi Ma Aarti

Shree Laxmi Ma Aarti

Saraswati Ma Aarti

Shree Saraswati Ma Aarti

Gayatri Ma Aarti

Shree Gayatri Ma Aarti

Vaishno Devi Aarti

Shree Vaishno Devi Aarti

Parvati Maa Aarti

Shree Parvati Ma Aarti