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 II 108 Names of Lord Satyanarayan II

Shree Satyanarayan Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Click here for 108 Names of Lord Satyanarayan in Hindi text

1. Om Satyadevaya Namaha
2. Om Satyatmane Namaha
3. Om Satyabhuutaya Namaha
4. Om Satyapurushhaya Namaha
5. Om Satyanathaya Namaha
6. Om Satyasashine Namaha
7. Om Satyayogaya Namaha
8. Om Satyagyanaya Namaha
9. Om Satyagyanapriyaya Namaha
10. Om Satyanidhaye Namaha
11. Om Satyasambhavaya Namaha
12. Om Satyaprabhuve Namaha
13. Om Satyeshvaraya Namaha
14. Om Satyakarmane Namaha
15. Om Satyapavitraya Namaha
16. Om Satyamangalaya Namaha
17. Om Satyagarbhaya Namaha
18. Om Satyaprajapataye Namaha
19. Om Satyavikramaya Namaha
20. Om Satyasiddhaya Namaha
21. Om Satyachyutaya Namaha
22. Om Satyaviiraya Namaha
23. Om Satyabodhaya Namaha
24. Om Satyadharmaya Namaha
25. Om Satyagrajaya Namaha
26. Om Satyasantushhtaya Namaha
27. Om Satyavarahaya Namaha
28. Om Satyaparayanaya Namaha
29. Om Satyapuurnaya Namaha
30. Om Satyaushhadhaya Namaha


31. Om Satyashashvataya Namaha
32. Om Satyapravardhanaya Namaha
33. Om Satyavibhave Namaha
34. Om Satyajyeshhthaya Namaha
35. Om Satyashreshhthaya Namaha
36. Om Satyavikramine Namaha
37. Om Satyadhanvine Namaha
38. Om Satyamedhaya Namaha
39. Om Satyadhiishaya Namaha
40. Om Satyakratave Namaha
41. Om Satyakalaya Namaha
42. Om Satyavatsalaya Namaha
43. Om Satyavasave Namaha
44. Om Satyameghaya Namaha
45. Om Satyarudraya Namaha
46. Om Satyabrahmane Namaha
47. Om Satyamritaya Namaha
48. Om Satyavedangaya Namaha
49. Om Satyachaturatmane Namaha
50. Om Satyabhoktre Namaha
51. Om Satyashuchaye Namaha
52. Om Satyarjitaya Namaha
53. Om Satyendraya Namaha
54. Om Satyasangaraya Namaha
55. Om Satyasvargaya Namaha
56. Om Satyaniyamaya Namaha
57. Om Satyamedhaya Namaha
58. Om Satyavedyaya Namaha
59. Om Satyapiiyuushhaya Namaha
60. Om Satyamayaya Namaha

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Click here for 108 Names of Lord Satyanarayan in Hindi text

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