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On the fifth day of the dark half of Phalgun the feast of Color is celebrated. The festival marks the end of the year according to the Indian calendar, and the spirit of festivity is alive in every Hindu household. It is celebrated throughout India in early spring with cheer and gaiety. Holi comes when the cold winter months give way to summer. It takes place over two days around late February or March........... Read More

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Patriotic Songs of India   


A patriotic song is a song that demonstrates love for one's country. It may be an official National Anthem, National Song or may not be. It is often sung on national holidays. Common themes include love of country, or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice; others focus on a land's beauty, history, or ideals.


National Anthem of India National Song of India
Sare Jahan Se Aacha Insaaf Ki Dagar
Ai Mere Pyare Vatan Ai Mere Vatan ke Logo
Ai Vatan Ai Vatan Humko Bharat Humko Jaan se
De Di Humme Azadi Aao Baachon Tumhe Dekhaye
Hum Honge Kamyaab Jahan Daal-Daal Par

The Mughal Empire, ruled most of the Indian Subcontinent between 1526 and 1857, was founded by the Babur in 1526, when he defeated Ibrahim Lodi, the last of the Delhi Sultans at the First Battle of Panipat.
Arrived in 1608, The British first established a territorial foothold in the Indian subcontinent when Company-funded soldiers commanded by Robert Clive defeated the Nawab of Bengal - Siraj Ud Daulah at the Battle of Plassey in 1757.
The initial Indian Rebellion of 1857 was sparked when soldiers serving in the British East India Company's British Army mutinied and Indian kingdoms rebelled against the British.
The British had direct or indirect control over all of present-day India by the early 19th century.
The Quit India Movement (Bharat Chhodo Andolan) or the August Movement was a civil disobedience movement in India launched in August 1942 in response to Gandhi's call for immediate independence of India.
On 3 June 1947, Viscount Lord Mountbatten, the last British Governor-General of India, announced the partitioning of the British Indian Empire into a India and a Pakistan. On 14 August 1947, Pakistan was declared a separate nation. At midnight, on 15 August 1947, India became an independent nation.


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