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Pitra Paksha, also  known   as  Mahalay,  is  a  period  of  fifteen  days.  It  is  the  time designated to give devotion or to  offer  respect  to the dead and departed ancestors of the family. These  Fifteen  days   are  called  " Pitra Paksha",  or  most  popularly  known  as "Shraadh" days.They are also called by the name of "Kanagat."........... Read More

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Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Panchatantra Srories

Panchatantra is a Sanskrit word which means "Five principles." The original Sanskrit text of "Panchatantra" was written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma around 200 BC, and contained a collection of popular tales. The Panchatantra stories are fables based mostly on animals which always end with a moral. The Panchatantra is the oldest collection of Indian fables surviving today. Panchatantra, consists of five books of animal fables and magic tales. Each of these stories have a moral that continues to be relevant to this day. The five principles are :
Mitra Bhedha (The Loss of Friends)
Mitra Laabha (Gaining Friends)
Suhrudbheda (Causing Dissension Between Friends)
Vigraha (Separation)
Sandhi (Union)
Here we bring u a collection of these tales in both Hindi and English text :


मूर्ख कछुआ - Story of  A TORTOISE and TWO GEESE

बोलती गुफा - A Talking Cave


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