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 II Lingashtakam Stotram - Shiv Stotra II
लिङ्गाष्टकं स्तोत्रम्


  Brahma Muraari Surarchita Lingam
Nirmala Bhaashita Sobhitha Lingam
Janmaja Dhukha Vinaasaha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam .1.

Devamuni Pravaraarchita Lingam
Kaama Dahana Karunaakara Lingam
Ravana Darpa Vinaasaha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam.2.

Sarva Sugandha Sulepitha Lingam
Buddhi Vivaardhana Kaarana Lingam
Siddha Suraasura Vandhitha Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam.3.

Kanaga Mahaamani Bhooshitha Lingam
Panipati Veshthitha Sobitha Lingam
Daksha Suyajna Vinaasana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam.4.

Kunkuma Chandhana Lehpitha Lingam
Pankaja Haara Susobhitha Lingam
Sanchitha Paapa Vinaashana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam .5.

Deva Ganaarchita Sevitha Lingam
Bhavair Bhakhi Bhirevacha Lingam
Dinakara Koti Prabhaakara Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam .6.

Ahshta Dalopari Veshthitha Lingam
Sarva Samudbhava Kaarana Lingam
Ahshta Daridra Vinaasana Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam .7.

Suraguru Suravara Poojitha Lingam
Suravana Pushpa Sadarchitha Lingam
Paraath Param Paramatmaka Lingam
Tatpranamaami Sadaashiva Lingam .8.

Lingashtaka Midam Punyam
Yah Pathet Sivasannidhau
Sivaloka Mahaapnoti
Sivehna Saha Modatheh


I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods,
Which is pure and resplendent,
And which destroys sorrows arising out of birth and death. .1.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is worshipped by great sages and devas,
The destroyer of Kama, Linga, the compassionate,
And which destroyed the pride of Ravana. .2.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is well annointed with all fragrances,
Which leads to growth of wisdom,
And which is worshipped by sages, devas and asuras. .3.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is ornamented by gold and jewels,
Which is radiant and who has the king of serpents, coiled around him,
And which destroyed the Yagna of Daksha. .4.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is smeared with sandal paste and saffron,
Which is decorated with garland of lotus flowers,
And which can destroy accumulated sins. .5.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is is worshipped by gods and other beings,
Which is the doorway for devotion and good thought,
And whose splendor is like millions of Suns. .6.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is enveloped with eight-fold petals,
Which is the cause of all creation,
And which destroys eight types of poverty. .7.

I bow before that Sada Shiva Lingam,
Which is worshipped by the gurus of gods,
Which is worshipped by the best of gods,
Which is always worshipped by the flowers,
From the garden of Gods,
Which is the eternal abode,
And which is the ultimate truth. .8.

Any one who chants the holy octet of the Lingam,
In the holy presence of Lord Shiva,
Would in the end reach the world of Shiva,
And keep him company.

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