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Ramayana Aarti

 II Ramayan ji Ki Aarti II
रामायण जी की आरती

Ramayana ji Ki Aarti


Aarti Shri Ramayan ji ki, kirti kalit lalit Siya-pi ki II
Gavat Brahmadik Muni Narad, Valmiki vigyan visharad II

Shuk Sanakadi Shesh aru Sarad, barni Pavansut kirti niki II1II
Aarti Shri Ramayan ji ki,...

Gavat Ved Puran ashtdash, chhahon Shastra sab granthan ko ras II
Munijan dhan santan ko sarbas, sar ansh sammat sab-hiki II2II
Aarti Shri Ramayan ji ki,... 

 Gavat Santat Shambhu Bhavani, aru ghatsambhav muni vigyani II
Vyas adi kavibarj bakhani, Kakbhushundi Garur ke hi ki II3II
Aarti Shri Ramayan ji ki,...

Kalimal harni vishay ras phiki, subhag singar mukti yuvati ki II
Dalan rog bhav muri ami ki, tat mat sab vidhi Tulsi ki II4II
Aarti Shri Ramayan ji ki,...

Jai Shri Ram

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