Somya Pradosh Vrat Katha (Story)
सौम्य प्रदोष व्रत कथा

Somya Pradosh Vrat Katha

Pradosh means the dusk of the early night or evening tide. This fast is observed in the evening twilight, and so it is called Pradosh Vrat. It is observed on the 13th day of each lunar fortnight. It is practiced to propitiate Lord Shiva, in order to obtain his blessings and boons leading to fulfillment of one's cherished desired and spiritual upliftment.Those who practice it with unflinching faith and devotion are bound to possess wealth, health, happiness.

There are three types of Monday fast.
    1. Simple every Monday fast.
    2. Som pradosh fast
    3. 16 weeks Monday fast.

The rituals are same for all the three fasting. After doing the Shiva puja the story must be read or heard. The stories of Somvar fast and 16 Mondays are separate and are given here.

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Somvar Vrat Viddhi

Somya Pradosh Vrat Katha