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Happy Holi

On the fifth day of the dark half of Phalgun the feast of Color is celebrated. The festival marks the end of the year according to the Indian calendar, and the spirit of festivity is alive in every Hindu household. It is celebrated throughout India in early spring with cheer and gaiety. Holi comes when the cold winter months give way to summer. It takes place over two days around late February or March........... Read More

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Marathi Nursery Rhymes


"Jhagdam- Tigdam"

Jhagdam Tigdam- Marathi Poem


jhagdam- tigdam tidu-tidu baza
gadit basla makad raja
aodi bokad dadivala
ala ala makadvala
makaddas topi gondadar
vijar dagla chaldar
galyit dori todat pan
payant ghungrai chunu-chunu chan
mulani kali khalas gardi
raja aodi cigratte ardhi
nachun thakla raja makad
chukla nach vasli thapad
udli lamb topi lal
cholu lagla raja gal
hasta mulai chidla raja
jhagdam-tigdam vijvi baja !

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