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Happy Holi

On the fifth day of the dark half of Phalgun the feast of Color is celebrated. The festival marks the end of the year according to the Indian calendar, and the spirit of festivity is alive in every Hindu household. It is celebrated throughout India in early spring with cheer and gaiety. Holi comes when the cold winter months give way to summer. It takes place over two days around late February or March........... Read More

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Facts about Religions of the World


  • Hindus worship many gods. Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions. It began 3500 years ago.

  • Today, it is the main religion of India.

OM - Hinduism
Cross - Christianity


  • Christians believe in one God and in teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Christianity is the main religion of America, Europe and Australia.


  • Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad in Arabia in 622 AD. It is widely practiced in Northern Africa, parts of Asia and also has followers in America and Europe.

Khanda - Sikhism


  • Sikhism was founded in India in the 1400s by Guru Nanak Dev. The word “Sikh” means “disciple.”


  • Buddhism developed in India from the teachings of Gautama Buddha.



  • Judaism is an ancient “one god” religion that developed in south-west Asia. Its followers are known as Jews.


  • Shintoism is the oldest surviving religion of Japan.

  • Shintoists worship forces of nature, including rocks and trees.



  • Confucianism is based on the teachings of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher born about 580 BC.

  • Taoism is another Chinese religion. It is based on the teachings of Lao Tzu about 300 BC.

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