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"Jal Ka Tel mein Parivartan"
Turning Water into Oil


Shirdi sai Baba Story


Turning Water into Oil

Every night, Sai Baba used to light earthen lamps in the Dwarkamai. For this, he asked the grocers to give him oil. In the beginning, people looked upon Baba as a mad fakir and so the grocers gave him oil just for the fun of it. But soon they got fed up with this daily practice and one day they all refused to give him oil. With the empty oil-tin dangling from his hand, Baba came back to Dwarkamai.

He put a little water in the oil tin and drank it, as if to please the God within. Then he took more water, poured it in the lamps and kindled them one by one

The ‘water-lamps’ burnt throughout the night. Those who had come to scoff remained to praise.
This incident established the supernatural powers of Baba beyond a shred of doubt.

Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all


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