Chunnu-Munnu, The Twin Brothers; चुन्नु-मुन्नु - Contributed by: Sarthak Bhatia

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Chunnu-Munnu, चुन्नु-मुन्नु, Hindi Poem

Note: Pl. do not try to copy the rhymes, some of them can be copyrighted material of the contributors.

Chunnu, Munnu thhey do bhai,
Rasgule pe hui ladai.
Chunnu bola mai khaunga,
Munnu bola mai khaunga.
Halla sun kar Mummy aayi,
Dono ko ek chapat lagaayi.
aadha tu le chunne bete aadha tu le munnu bete
Aapas me tum milke rahena.

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