II Cooking Pappadams (Papad) II

Pappadams can be cooked in many ways, depending on personal choice: you could cook them under grill, roast over a flame or deep-fry. Pappadams can be cooked in advance and they taste good warm or cold. However, don't make them more than an hour before the meal because they will wilt and go leathery.


Fried Pappadams are definetly tastier but not for the calorie conscious.

Heat oil in a large kadhai or wok. When nearly smoking, reduce the heat and drop in pappadam. It will instantly change color. The whole process takes seconds so have slotted spoon and paper-towel lined plate ready. Do not allow pappadam to turn brown or black. Drain the pappadam well and remove to a plate.


Place under a medium grill until bubbles appear on the surface and the color turns from translucent to opaque. Turn over and repeat the process. Place at least 11/2-inch away from the grill to prevent burning.


The pappadam is held between tongs or chimta and roasted over an open flame. Quick and frequent turning is required to prevent burning. As soon as papad has changed color, curled up and become crisp, it is done.